Building Courses For Constructing Your Tiny Home

At Tiny ECO Homes UK Ltd we host courses so you can learn the art of tiny home construction in our workshop.

Building a timber frame home that is fit for life on the road is far from your normal construction, a tiny home has to cope with a lifetime of use on the road where the home is put under a lot of stress. You will be shown all the techniques needed.

From August to November we run workshops to teach our skills in the manufacturing of road legal Tiny homes.

Learn every thing from timber frame construction to the electrics, plumbing and off grid systems.

1 day course is £300

In which you will learn and be shown the basics in frame construction and fitting the frame to the chassis.

3 day courses are £550

Where you will learn how to build a timber frame construction and attach it to a chassis.

5 day courses are £800

Which include all of the above plus you will learn how to install the electrics, plumbing and off grid systems.

3 and 5 day courses are hands-on where you will be involved in constructing a road legal Tiny home.

Ever Wondered what it’s like to live in a tiny house?

We also have fully fitted tiny homes available to stay in for anyone participating in a course.

Why don’t you come for a weekend in one of our fully fitted tiny homes in Northumberland (prices start from £90 per night)

It gives you a real feel for living in the space and makes it a lot easier to plan your layout for your tiny home.

Contact us for more information

Please let us know which course you are interested in and the dates you would like to attend and someone will be in touch

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