Elegance Grand Range Tiny Home

Our New Elegance Grand Range Of Tiny Home

Our Elegance Grand range of Tiny Home is our largest road towable tiny house which has 2 full floors. A very unique feature of this home is that you are able to walk around on the upper level.

With our clever pitched and combined flat roof design it has a lower height appearance from the exterior yet it maximizes the usable space on the upper level, this allows for a staircase and landing which leads to the master bedroom.

This design works best on our 23ft tiny home as anything smaller starts to look very tall from the exterior once the length of the tiny home is reduced. 

Our elegance grand model is fitted to a very high standard with a much larger kitchen than our standard elegance range. It has enough space for dishwashers and washing machines making it a perfect tiny house thats designed for full time living.

Full specification:

Full kitchen comprising of:

Full bathroom with:

Other highlights:

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